I was lucky enough to have my lookbook shot by some really amazing SF based female artists. 

This journey was a great experience for me personally because I realized that I could let other people help me and they would do really nice and beautiful things. Sometimes I believe that people are not out for your best interest and you have to watch out for those snakes in the grass, but when you find those people who want to be collectively kind, intelligent and helpful- it sings. Like the sound of the earth, the birds chirpin' in space. 

So, kid, don't let the evil out there consume you, let it teach you independence and then when the time comes that you have that skill and vision and need some help, good people will happen. At least they have been for me... and really who am I? Some soul from the straight-up burbs of Cleveland, Ohio. Found.


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Photos by Deb Leal / Model Mireya Gartland / Styling by Laura Reilly / Produced by Kristina Bakrevski / Make-up by Sara Gerstel / Jewelry Designer Andrea Nyberg

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